Sport climbing safety skills – get skilled before hitting the crags

Sport climbing outside this weekend? Are your sport climbing skills up to scratch and are you 100 per cent sure you’re safe? With the heatwave about to hit Cardiff, there’s never been a better time to make sure your outdoor sport climbing safety skills are what they should, before grabbing the sun cream and hitting the real rock.

We’ve been hard at work over the past few days to make sure you have everything you need at Boulders to gain the confidence to get on the local sport climbing crags, with the confidence to know you’re safe.

We’ve constructed a basic introduction to outdoor sport climbing skills area. It’s been designed for the indoor climber, that’s gagging to get outside. In the skills area you’ll find all sorts of things set up to help you practice some basic outdoor climbing safety skills, before going outside and being on the sharp end for the first time.

Set up at ground level are some sport climbing anchors – this means you can practice stripping a sports climbing route in safety, while stood on the ground. When you’ve got this wired, climb up and stand on the volume that’s been placed at head height. From here you can attempt to strip a sports route in the relative comfort of the centre and from a height that won’t be too intimidating.

Please use this area to practice your safety skills before you go out, we’d hate to hear about an accident.

Be safe, have fun and don’t forget the sun cream!

Stuck with what to do next?

Get some professional outdoor climbing instruction from one of Boulders’ outdoor climbing partners.

Get the equipment you need to get outside from the Boulders online shop. Don’t forget you can order and pick up from Boulders.

Get the guides books you need for the local areas from the Boulders online guide book library.