Route Master #BETA anyone?

The Route Master’s fourth and final round is opening this weekend.  We’ve been hard at work setting this one and we think one route in particular is going to prove a touch tricky.  It’s not that hard, but it is technical. So to give you a hand we thought we’d lend a little beta to those that might want it.

Check out the video above where our amazing Ant demos the puzzling and technical route in a short YouTube beta video.

Keep you eyes peeled for the QR code, we’re going to put one on the wall next to the route. It’ll look like this:


Climbing #Beta anyone?

Climbing #Beta anyone?

If you can’t remember the moves now, you’ll be able to jump straight  to the video when you’re here giving it a go by zapping the QR code with a smart phone.  If you haven’t seen one of these before, just search for “QR code” in your app store, there’s loads of free ones out there to use. Download it, zapp it, watch it and then hopefully climb it….?

Here’s the normal blurb to remind you what’s going on and how the Route Master works:

The competition includes top roping for the lower grades, building up to more difficult routes that must be led. There should be routes for everyone from ‘have a go’, all the way up to ‘nails’!
There will be 4 rounds over the summer with a Grand Final at the end. The routes will be open for 9 days and each round will open the weekend after The Crucible bouldering competition round finishes. The competition will be self-scored and each month there will be 6 routes in total numbered 1 to 6. The route grade will gradually get more difficult as the route number ascends and will be approximately;
  • 1: 3 to 4
  • 2: 5 to 5+
  • 3: 6a – 6a+
  • 4: 6b to 6b+
  • 5: 6c – 7a
  • 6: 7b or higher
Routes 1 to 4 will be top rope and routes 5 and 6 will be lead climbs.
It’s FREE to take part! You just need to pay your entry to the climbing centre and there’s no additional charge for taking part.
Summer Route Master dates:
  • Round 4: 24th August – 1st September
  • Grand Final (and Boulders birthday party): 21st September