Bryn Deri Primary School, what a wonderful place that must be!

Courtesy is something that very often seems to be lacking these days. Not at Bryn Deri Primary School though!

Every parent must struggle at Birthdays and in those post Christmas holiday days to get their children to write a thank you letter. At Bryn Deri though, the parents and teachers are blazing a trail of high standards.

Earlier in the year Bryn Deri approached Boulders to ask if we would support one of their fundraising events by offering a prize that could either be raffled or auctioned as a prize in an attempt to raise money for school play equipment.  We were more more than happy to work with such a wonderful school and only too pleased that we’ve been part of their efforts to raise £1,770. We’ve been told the money will go towards a new climbing frame, so that was music to our ears! We very much like the idea of lots of little monkeys climbing all over a brand new climbing frame! A thank you letter arrived today and we were overwhelmed they had taken the time to write it, we just had to say “Dim Problem”!  Thank Bryn Deri, we’re just glad we could help.

If you have a cause that you think warrants Boulders’ support drop us a line by filling in our charity prize request form. We like to do our best to support local worthy causes where we can!

The children of Bryn Deri Primary School are regular climbers at Boulders, if you know a school that would like to climb with us take a look at our school packages pages. Alternatively, if you can’t wait for your school to bring you down to Boulders take a look at our activities for under 14s and get climbing this weekend.

Bryn Deri Primary School