Buying Climbing Shoes for Kids

We all know that children’s feet grow so fast that buying shoes for them can be a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, buying climbing shoes is made a little bit easier by some of the clever features that have been built in, to make sure the shoes are as durable as possible and can grow with your childs feet.

Adjustable Heel Straps

All of the kids climbing shoes we have for sale come with an adjustable Velcro strap across the heel, which pushes the foot into the front of the shoe- the most important area when climbing. The idea behind this is that you can buy the shoes so that they fit with these straps as tight as possible, and then loosen them off as your childs foot grows.

The heel-tightening straps of kids climbing shoes

The heel-tightening straps of kids climbing shoes

Large Velcro Closures

Kids climbing shoes usually come with a large Velcro tab as the main closure. This makes them really easy for kids to put on and take off themselves, and there’s a lot of room for adjustment.

The large velcro closures of kids climbing shoes

The large velcro closures of kids climbing shoes


All kids shoes take a bit of a hammering, and this is probably more true of climbing shoes than any others, so it’s important that kids climbing shoes are sturdy enough to take the abuse! The Boreal Ninja Jr. and Evolv Venga both come with increased sole rubber coverage which comes all the way around the foot and over the toe, which will stop them wearing out too quickly when being dragged up a climbing wall. The Mad Rock Mad Monkeys have a different rubber from the sole in high-wear areas, which may not be quite as durable but it is bright blue which adds to their funky look.

The all-round rubber coverage of kids climbing shoes

The all-round rubber coverage of kids climbing shoes


Kids climbing shoes come with much harder rubber than typical climbing shoes, because in most cases children won’t feel the benefit of sticky climbing rubber as they tend to stick to bigger holds. Harder rubber lasts longer, and will still be going strong when your child has outgrown the shoes in most cases.

Mad Rock Mad MonkeyThe Evolv VengaBoreal Ninja Jr.

From left to right: the Mad Rock Mad Monkey, a great kids climbing shoe on a budget; the Evolv Venga, an all time classic climbing shoe for children; the Boreal Ninja Jr, a kids climbing shoe available in three colours


In general, buying climbing shoes for kids is a simple case of getting a good fit in a colour your child will be happy to wear. The only real variable to consider is price/quality. While all the kids climbing shoes we sell are of a high standard the construction of the Boreal Ninja Jr., for example, will probably outlive the Mad Rock due to its all leather construction and the Spanish manufacturing. However is is entirely possible that your children will outgrow their climbing shoes before they get worn out, so this is something you’ll have to weigh up.

If you need any more advice on buying kids climbing shoes, or have any climbing gear questions at all, feel free to get in touch.

Tips for Buying Kids Climbing Shoes

  • Don’t fit them tight to begin with, get them around one size bigger than your childs foot size. This way you can start them off in some thick socks with the heel straps done up tight and slowly loosen them as their feet grow.
  • Ask around! If you child goes climbing indoors, ask other parents if they still have any old pairs of their children’s climbing shoes. They are usually still in good condition when they get too small, so it’s worth asking.