Crucible Final results and a spot of #beta, just to show the blocs were possible

The chalk has settled, the tendons are being massaged back to full health and the spot prizes have been awarded. This year’s Summer Crucible has come to natural conclusion and left countless people around South Wales with flappers a plenty and “what ifs” peppering their conversations.

If you didn’t manage to get down for the day or got here and couldn’t work out some of the blocs check out the BouldersUK YouTube channel, we’ve just uploaded a whole load of #Beta.

Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for, the results:

The Elite category was open to anyone that had competed in a minimum of two rounds of the Summer Crucible and came in the top of the field for their category.

Male Elite who won the following Boulders online shop cash vouchers:

  1. Caradog Rodgers, £100
  2. Celyn Denman, £50
  3. Bruce Griffin, £25

Female Elite who won the following Boulders online shop cash vouchers:

  1. Bee Evans, £100
  2. Michelle Wardle, £50
  3. Pippa Walker, £25

Elite Junior Male who won the following Boulders online shop cash vouchers:

  1. Aiden Bell, £50
  2. Felix Peterken, £25
  3. Ben Smith, £10

Elite Junior Female

  1. Luca Hill, £50
  2. Rosie thomas, £25
  3. Caitlin Allen, £10

The spot prizes this year each won £10

  1. The Allens, for highest family score
  2. Ben Lloyd, for grittiest attack of a bloc
  3. Dave Souter, for most blocs climbed with the use or a crimp
  4. Will Gould, fro being the weakest “strong boy”
  5. Lucas Harcombe, for the closet miss (twice!)
  6. Chloe Ross, for completely impartial judging!
  7. Simon Fish, for additional impartial judging!
  8. Rebecca Smith, Best effort while under the doctors instructions not to climb.
  9. Joe Holmes, for apparently knowing how a bouldering should be run…..

For those that didn’t win a pisze on the day, here are the full results.

Finally, just because we like to welcome anyone to take part, even if you couldn’t get t all the rounds of the Crucible we run the open. Results as follows:

  1. Ashleigh Wolsey-Heard, Best Open male
  2. Rhoslyn Frugtniet, Best Open Female
  3. Sam McIver, Best Open Youth

Finally, now the rubbish weather has returned we’ve started thinking about the Winter Crucible and we’ve got some pretty exciting additions coming. This year every round will have some blocs focused on training aim, first up will be footwork so expect some rubbish holds! Keep your eyes peeled for the training articles coming soon to our latest news.