Volunteer Coaching Scheme Positions Announced

You may remember in the middle of last summer a young girl called Emily Phillips, aged 10 winning the BMC’c Youth Climbing Series. This was an inspirational achievement to be connected with Boulders and made us stop and have a good think.  Everyone on our Academies had achieved so much, we wanted to reinforce this and improve upon the kids’ results next year. And if we were going to do this for the kids, what else could we do for all our customers to help push everyone’s climbing grade?

The first change was to introduce Head Coach, Simon Rawlinson. His aim was simple; to guide our young climbers to even greater successes at this year’s BMC’s YCS, and help Boulders make our customers better and stronger climbers. With so many people passing through our doors it was an impossible task to do alone so we decided to get him some help. In doing so we gave you guys the opportunity to get involved.  We defined eight roles that would work alongside Simon as assistant coaches and help him deliver better ways to train and get fit for climbing to all the climbers of South Wales. We then opened these positions to our customers to apply for.  We were absolutely bowled over by the number of applicants. In fact we were so bowled over by the quality and number of applicants we created an additional three roles so that we now have 11 positions. Sadly we simply don’t have the capacity to take on more than 11 volunteers right now and we had to draw a line somewhere. If you applied and didn’t get a place, please do keep in touch. We hope to grow the scheme and next summer we will recruit for all positions again, each role’s tenure is only for one year – although reapplying will certainly be an option for those involved this year.

The Climbing Academies

Within the Academies the assistant coaches will work with Simon to help train our young talented climbers, from age 8 up. The kids will benefit from Simon’s experience which includes taking kids from beginner to Team GB member. This year with the additional support and attention from the coaching team we hope to achieve more podium positions at next year’s BMC YCS than we have ever achieved before.

The following people have been selected as assistant coaches for the Academies:

Assistant Academy Coach: Kimberly Grant.
Squad 1 Assistant Coaches: Joe Holmes and Briana Evans.
Squad 2 Assistant Coach: David Cover
Squad 3 Assistant Coach: Eliot Stephens

The Climbing Clubs

In the past the climbing clubs have been a social club to hook people up with climbing partners.  We think you’ll agree, this year’s secretaries, Rob, Syra, Paul and Caroline have all done a fantastic job. Many of you would have passed through their clubs this year and found climbing partners that have gone on to become good friends. For their year in their position and creating so many new climbing partnerships, Boulders owes a debt of gratitude.

This year, we want our climbing club secretaries to not only introduce people to create new partnerships, but also help you push your grade.  They are going to drop the name “secretaries” and become “climbing club coaches”. We’re going to give them a basic foundation in instructing and coaching climbing. With their new skills the climbing club coaches will run informal training sessions that you will be able to join in with.  Each climbing club will start its session at 6.30pm running Monday through to Thursday. These guys will not only become the ideal people to introduce you to new climbing partners but also become a great source of advice about how you can improve your climbing.

The following people have been selected as climbing club coaches.

Tori James
Jess Leeds
Chantal Cumming
Richard Coombe
Mike Peck
(nights of the week are currently TBC)

The Project

The project is our Friday night youth club. And, as with everything else this year we want to bring an element of performance climbing to it without removing the fun. The Project coach will work hand in hand with a Boulders senior instructor to run the Project.  We won’t forget though, that the club is first and foremost the members’ club. The Project is what the guys and girls in it want it to be. Friday nights are our quietest night, so as they have the Centre to themselves almost anything goes. We want to help make this youth club one of the most fun places to climb for people aged 14 and up.

Josh Simister has been selected as the Project assistant coach.

Congratulation to everyone that has been selected and for those of you that missed out this year, please keep in touch and consider us in a years time.  For those that did get selected, your coaching training starts at 10.30am sharp 28th September.

We’re looking forward to helping everyone get better and stronger!