The Emily Phillips Story

Emily is one of our most inspirational young climbers!

Emily started climbing with Boulders when she was 7 years old. She first started climbing with us by completing the Children’s Climbing course. Completing this course gave her a “climbing driving licence” so that she could join our kids climbing clubs.  Climbing with the Spider Monkey’s club and Gecko’s club her raw talent was noticed. She was selected to join the Boulders Climbing Academy – an academy for talented young climbers with a pure performance and competition focus.  The Academy’s aim is to put young people on national podiums and put Welsh climbing on the map.

This fantastic journey can be open to anyone with enough determination and dedication. If you want to start climbing join our Children’s climbing course. The next courses are starting on 9th and 10th November at 10am on both days. Check out the children’s climbing course for more details.