A whole lot of setting and some horrible new footholds

It’s that time of year, the Winter Crucible has returned and will open this weekend.

Unfortunately that does mean we need to do some setting, which sadly means the bouldering area is going to be closed at the following times over the next few days:

Thursday 10th Oct – closed for black and white stripping only, otherwise open for business.
Friday 11th Oct Рclosed to set for Round 1 of the Winter Crucible, from 10am  until about 7pm.
Monday 14th Oct – closed for red, green, orange and blue stripping, opens again 5pm.
Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th Oct: small closures throughout week while we re set the red, green, orange and blue.

However, with closures we do like to give you a little bit of good news…

The first round of the Winter Crucible also sees the publication of our first training article by resident Head Coach, Simon Rawlinson. Keep your eyes peeled on our latest news his first coaching article on everyone’s favourite subject; footwork. It will be published in the next 24 hours…


As the subject of the first coaching and training article is footwork, we went shopping and bought you lots of horrible little footholds. There are plenty of nasty little things in the collection including some with super shiny edges. All delightfully purchased with your toes in mind. Good luck sticking some of these bad boys.