Wild Country Voluntary Recall Notice

As some of you may have heard, UK based climbing gear company Wild Country have recently issued a voluntary recall notice on some of their trad climbing hardware. If you’ve purchased any Classic Rocks or Anodised Rocks, you’ll need to check the batch numbers to see if yours are affected.

This recall has been issued after one Anodised Rock failed, in an accident where fortunately no one was hurt. After Wild Country were made aware of this failure, they did some rigorous testing and found that in a very small number of cases the Rocks were failing at under their strength rating. To find out more details and information on what to do if your nuts are affected, visit www.wildcountry.com.

Following a recent failure in use of a Classic Rock, in which fortunately no injury occurred, we conducted an in depth investigation and an extensive testing programme. Following the testing of over 17,000 Rocks we found some units that did not achieve their rated strength which varies, depending upon the size, from 4kN to 12kN.  In a very small number of cases the failure load was below the units rated strength and in some cases below 7kN;  a peak load that can be realistically achieved during a fall.
Our first priority is always the safety of our climbing and mountaineering colleagues and customers, therefore we have taken the decision to recall the Rocks with the identified batch codes. Wild Country apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover as many of the affected Rocks as possible.

Wildcountry MD Martin Atkinson

Following Wild Country’s press release, North Wales based climbing gear manufacturer DMM issued a statement to clarify the safety of their Wallnuts. Until 2010 DMM manufactured some of Wild Country’s hardware, but the companies have since parted ways. In a statement this morning, DMM said:

All equipment manufactured at DMM in Llanberis meets and exceeds the required safety standards and passes through our strict quality control process. For 20 years we have used the same highly skilled operators, machines, tools, material suppliers, and production methodolgy to manufacture our Wallnuts successfully.


If you have any concerns over the safety of your climbing gear then feel free to get in touch.