BPU Climb to Success

Your most precious possession is not your financial assets. Your most precious possession is the people you have working there, and what they carry around in their heads, and their ability to work together.

Robert Reich.

Reich understood the value of investing in staff and ensuring they work well together as a team; no matter how intelligent or innovative, a group of people that are not able to share and explore ideas, communicate and problem solve together are not going to help a business move forward.  The question is how do you capture the attention of your staff to promote good team work in the first place?  BPU Chartered Accountants tried taking them out of the normal office environment to take part in a tailored corporate team building event at Boulders, focusing on developing key business skills including communication, confidence, trust and problem solving.

Forming a close knit team and fostering staff engagement is a key part of BPU Chartered Accountant’s business strategy. They hope to help staff become more motivated and work closer together so that ultimately the firm enjoys greater business success.  Whilst at Boulders the practical problem solving tasks they took part in allowed them to share ideas and take a practical, collaborative approach to solving the problems they were faced with. Individuals were also presented with the opportunity to step up and take the lead when employees were appointed team leaders over Directors and senior management.  It was a great chance for them to demonstrate how they would motivate their team and shine as future leaders of the firm.

Boulders provides an excellent environment for staff team building days, it was just what our team needed to improve key skills that are crucial to our business. Boulders work with you and tailor a corporate package to meet your needs and what you are trying to achieve in line with your business plan. It was a great session, the staff are more motivated and feel valued – and they are all still talking about it – I would highly recommend this to any business.

Nick Toye,  Director, BPU.


The activities at Boulders were so much fun and really got us working together as a team and thinking outside of the box. We had to do a leap of faith –jump 50ft which I never thought that I could do – but the team gave me the confidence to jump and I loved it! The level of trust was demonstrated by our Financial Services Manager who took the same jump without holding on and somersaulted in the air! We completed a range of practical activities that will help with some essential business skills – and I can’t wait to go again.

Rebecca Watkins, Accountant, BPU.


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