Buy British – UK Made Climbing Equipment

As Christmas approaches one of the things we always get asked about is where things are made. If you’re proud to be British, like to do your bit to support local business and are thinking about what to put on your Christmas list here are a few ideas to keep your hard earned wages in the country. This round up is brought to you with the support of UK Made, a great blogging site that keeps you up to date with quality, British made products.

DMM Climbing Equipment

First up, every climbing Welshman’s favourite!

DMM have been manufacturing quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981. They make recreational climbing equipment, mountaineering equipment and industrial climbing equipment. You’ve got to love their tag line – “CLIMB NOW WORK LATER”. Whilst the vast majority of their hardware (metalware) – karabiners and so on – are made in the UK, other products they sell such as ropes are not. The ropes they sell are made in Europe, some DMM slings are made in Wales (others in Europe), DMM chalkballs are made in Wales (but other chalk products are made in Europe), DMM clothing is made in Turkey, DMM chalk and rope bags are made in China, DMM helmets, harnesses, boulder mats, rockshoes and some quickdraws are made in Europe.

Our favourite bits of kit from DMM:

The Renegade 2 harness

This harness has been around for years and for good reason. This third evolution is packed full of improved features and is a top of the range all round performer. Perfect for winter and summer climbing!

Renegade 2 Harness

Renegade 2 Harness

Brand new – XSRE Karabiner

Ultra light weight karabiners designed to bear enough weight for racking – think keyring with attitude!

xsre karabiner

xsre karabiner



Founded by the legendary Ben Moon, climbing hero for anyone that’s been climbing for over 10 years, Moon has become a symbol of fashion and hard climbing. Moon is a company with its roots firmly embedded in climbing. Having been founded by a pro climber that for the past 20 years has travelled and climbed with some of the world’s top climbers Ben decided he wanted to have a say in the design and style of the climbing products he regularly used. Drawing on his own experiences and what he had learnt from others that would be of use not only in designing better climbing products but might also help people to get more from their climbing. Moon is true British climbing company.

Boulders stocks a whole load of moon kit and top of the pile has to be the classic S7 tee. For those not in the know, google S7, postcode and “the school”.

Moon S7 logo tee

Moon S7 logo tee

Pro Balm

ProBalm is a highly effective skin balm for people who really push their skin to the limit! It’s designed to speed up the rate of recovery of your skin by feeding it really good stuff! Launched in 2011 it has earned a reputation as a reliable skin restorer for professionals and amateurs alike. The best thing is…. you guessed it! It is hand made in the UK. A great stocking filler for the climber with tough hands!

Pro balm

Pro balm


Troll manufacture and procured outdoor gear, climbing gear, and caving gear and will make to order. Some of their gear is UK made but unfortunately there is no country of origin labelling alongside their products on the website, so you will have to ask them whether the item you are interested in is UK made or presumably see the packaging.  The products they sell under the title “Climbing Technology” are possibly Italian made and their “Wild Climb” climbing shoes are made in Romania. Support them though and their UK factory and you’ll be doing your bit for UK industry!

Rember these? Troll Omni pants have been seen at crags since before the dawn of time. An absolute classic bit of kit, sadly, these are among a few of the items not made in the UK!

Troll Omni pant

Troll Omni pant make their own bouldering mats in Nottingham, England. They do loads of great outdoor kit, but most of their stuff is made abroad.  However, they also sell UK made socks, a UK made bikepacking frame, a UK made figfour dry tool and UK made kitbags now (made with UK and German origin fabric and YKK zips).  See Alpkit’s UK made section of their website for more stuff made in the UK.

Alpkit Figfour’s great training aid for those who want to get to grips with winter climbing and dry tooling.

Alpkit figfours

Alpkit figfours


Aiguille Alpine

Aiguille Alpine, based near Kendal are great for rucksacks, chalk bags, beanie hats and much more. Their own brand stuff in made in their own workshop and they specialise in climbing, outdoor, canoeing and kayaking equipment and much of what they sell is UK made. We don’t sell a lot of Aiguille Kit at Boulders, but we can certainly get hold of it if you want – just drop us a line. Otherwise check out our range of chalk bags.


To find out more about good quality products being made in the UK visit UK Made’s website or follow them on Twitter.