Cubs grow in confidence at Boulders

It is important to instil confidence in children from a young age. One way to do this is to encourage them to try out different sports and to give them the tools they need to succeed in life.  When young people lose confidence they can become reluctant to throw themselves into any new activity and risk not fulfilling their full potential and may even start to doubt their own abilities.  Sport coaches and instructors can become great role models for young people and can play a key role in building their confidence.

At Boulders our instructors aim to ensure each young person has a positive climbing  experience. Whether it’s their first time or they are regular climbers, encouragement and support are given to build their confidence, allowing them to overcome obstacles they may initially have thought were insurmountable. In the world of climbing this means the instructor has to tread a careful line, as too much encouragement could be seen by the child as a type of bullying!

“Once again, we had the most marvellous evening at Boulders on Monday.  All of the cubs thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Even those who had never been before were confident because of the confidence instilled in them by your leaders. The leaders were, as last year, full of patience and kindness.  Their organisation, skill and sense of fun was excellent.  As a result all of the cubs left with a sense of achievement.  Please on our thanks to your staff for a brilliant evening.”

– Marilyn Hendricksen, 29th Cardiff Cubs.

At Boulders we run exciting and challenging sessions for cubs, scouts and other youth groups that include a mix of team tasks, climbing, traversing and for the brave, our individual challenge ‘The Leap of Faith’!  These sessions are ideal as a Christmas treat or to kick start the New Year.  Kids as young as seven can join in with our group climbing activities. For the younger groups, like Beavers we have our sevens and under play area, Pebbles. We can even arrange party food for any special Christmas party or event!

If you are interested in booking a trip to Boulders for your youth group e-mail Rebecca or call us on 02920 484880.

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