Route Master Scores and Evolv event day!

There’s so much to tell you about I’m not quite sure where to start…

It’s all happening this Saturday, but before we get onto the juicy stuff here are the Route Master scores after the first round:

Route Master scores – Round 1.

We’ve changed the way we’re calculating bonus holds this year. As they should only be used to separate the field in the event of a tie we’ve opted for a single bonus being worth 0.1 points. That means a clean on-sight is now worth 10.3 points. 10 points for the on-sight (climbing it clean on your first attempt) and 0.1 points for each bonus hold, totalling 0.3.  If you don’t get this, feel free to ask questions below in the comments and we’ll write a fuller explanation up.

Now onto this Saturday….

Sat 9th November is an Evolv showcase day.

Evolv are one of boulders key partners, and this time they have really gone to town to make this weekend pretty awesome.

Firstly they will be sending Ben Bransby down on Friday this week to set the blocs for this months Winter Crucible.

Boot Demo

Next, Ben will be hanging around all day Saturday, where he’ll be running a Evolv boot demo. Come down and try on some of their boots, you’ve got all day to try as many pairs as you want.

Winter Crucible Round 2 opens!

The next round of this winter’s crucible is also opening. Ben will be lending a hand to set the routes and Evolv have donated loads of prizes that we’ll be dishing out as spot prizes on the day!

Ben Bransby MasterClass

Ben will also be running a couple of master classes – these are rock climbing technique classes. The demand for these has been pretty high, there’s now only two spaces left. The cost of the class is being picked up by Evolv, so there’s absolutely no cost to you guys. All you need to do is book on. It’s strictly on a first come first serve basis….. gives us a bell now, you never know you might get lucky.

Ben Bransby Lecutre – FREE TO ATTEND!

Then in the evening Ben will be giving a lecture on some of his climbing experiences. Thanks to those wonderful chaps at Evolv, this will also be totally free. To get access all you have to do is book in advance. There is limited space, and those that just turn up on the night risk getting turned away if you haven’t booked.

Evolv are picking up the GOLD Membership sign up fee tab for one day only!

Finally, and this is where we thing Evolv have really gone the extra mile. Anyone signing up to GOLD Membership on Saturday 9th will have thier sign up fee paid for by Evolv! That means a massive £40 saving!  If you’ve been thinking about signing up to GOLD Membership and the sign up fee has always scared you off, thansk to Evolv now is your chance!