Training Library

You may have noticed over the past few months we’ve started producing a few training guides, injury avoidance guides and other such advice about how you can get fit and stay fit for climbing.  Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the content and have actually found some of it useful. The only problem was, with it being published into our latest news you just about had time to blink before it disappeared off the end of the page. This becomes a problem if you ever want to go back, find a particular article and read it again!

So, we decided to try and take a few steps towards starting to fix this by creating a Training Library.

From now on any articles published that are anything to do with training will get published on the latest news, but we’ll also make sure they get included in the Training Library.

With time hopefully we’ll build up a nice library for you guys to keep coming back to whatever training, injury or technique top tip it is you’re looking for!  As it becomes bigger we’ll work out a way of sorting it in a more logical fashion, but for now please just enjoy what’s on offer.

To get to the library all you need to do is find the green button like this and click on it:

Training guide

Remember; train hard, eat lard…..