We always knew he was crazy…

…But now Alex Honnold really has taken free soloing to its limit. The last time we saw Alex hitting the headlines was when he soloed Yeosemite’s ‘Triple Crown’- Mt. Watkins, Half Dome and El Capitan in just under 19 hours. To put that in perspective, the route Alex took up Half Dome would take a confident team 3 days. He did it in under an hour and a half.

This week The North Face have released the full film of Alex’s latest insane escapade, a full free solo ascent of ‘El Sendero Luminoso’ – The Shining Path. Named after a Peruvian communist guerilla organistation, the route rises over 500 metres in (ususally) 15 pitches, 11 of which are graded 7a+ or harder and one which is 7c. In just over three hours, Honnold blitzed the Mexican route without any problems and it was all caught on camera by Cedar Wright, a good friend of Alex’s who also makes some amazing films.

Anyway that’s enough chit chat, here’s the film!