Bloc Busters – Scores

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who turned up for an entertaining evening of climbing and quizzing. We were treated to 15 excellently set problems for each category, thank you Simon, Ant and Liam, they were just hard enough to stop even the uber wods from flashing all of them. Then just as everyone was relaxing with a burger from the BBQ, thank you Bimba, Andy started the quiz. This turned out to be the hardest quiz known to man, he really knows his climbing, and somehow even the Boulders team managed to get 2 of the Boulders round questions wrong! A massive well done to Caradog, Mike and Jason for grabbing the top spot.

For the last of our summer comp series we’re hosting a Wild Western themed event; ‘The Gun Show’ on Thursday 7th August. This will be in the same format as the first event, with 15 qualifying problems followed by a 5 bloc final.

Here are is the full list of the scores from the BlocBuster competition: