The Boulders Academy

The Climbing Academy at Boulders is our way of investing our time in young and upcoming climbers who want to take on new challenges in competitive climbing. As part of Boulders’ commitment to pushing new and talented climbers to compete in the UK the Academy meets throughout the academic term twice a week, where motivational coaching is combined with fun, active and lively training sessions.

The main goal throughout the Academy sessions is for our coaches to prepare its young members to enter for the British Mountaineering Council’s Youth Climbing Series. This takes place across the UK with three regional rounds taking place, followed by a Grand Final.

At Boulders our core aim and focus is taking climbers from grass routes to podium places at national competitions throughout the UK, which allows us to bring the best out of our young climbers.

Take one of our most inspirational, special and rising climbing stars, Emily Phillips. Her story is one of great courage, bravery and sheer determination to strive and climb to heights no one could have imagined. Emily was born in 2002 with shoulder dystocia (her shoulder was dislocated) leading her to undergo physiotherapy for the first six weeks of her life, where she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a severe heart defect. However, after undergoing a miracle operation and more physiotherapy, Emily’s life was transformed for the better. Soon after a trip to the Isle of Wight, Emily was introduced to the world of climbing and took to the walls on a regular basis from the age of seven- just after we launched Boulders in 2008. When Emily took her first step on to our walls at Boulders, she instantly shined amongst her peers on the children’s climbing course. She then progressed through to the Spider Monkeys and then the Geckos. It was then after many active, challenging and educational sessions that Emily was selected for our prestigious climbing academy.

Now with two years Academy experience under her belt, Emily is always conquering new challenges, and is excelling in competition climbing. Just last month Emily took to the walls in the Quay, Exeter, where she took part in the UK’s first Deep Water Soloing competition as the youngest climber in her category. Hanging in the balance over water with no ropes or harnesses, Emily tied 1st in the qualifiers and went on to battle it out with climbers from the British Climbing Team. Keep it up Emily!

So, what does it take to become a part of our Academy?

Selections for the Academy take place at the youth climbing competitions at the end of every term at Boulders, or by special selection from Spider Monkeys or Geckos. You don’t need to win the comp to be chosen, just show enthusiasm and a willingness to train hard and get stuck in!

Additional information is available on our site on the climbing academy page: