The DMM Alpha Sport features – Video

Looking for a new sport climbing quickdraw? The DMM Alpha Sport might be the one for you:

The Alpha Sport from DMM is a top end sport climbing ‘draw which is super popular for several reasons:

The quickdraw is comprised of one Alpha Pro and one Alpha clip karabiner joined with a chunky Nylon sling. The karabiners are really ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand and there’s ridges down the back to provide extra grip. The Alpha Clip was designed with clipsticks in mind, and the two grooves in the gate fit perfectly into the clip on a Beta Stick. It also has a clean nose which is really useful in a sport climbing quickdraw, especially when stripping steep sport routes where a standard nose would snag on bolts and cause issues.

In the middle there’s a really fat variable width quickdraw tape, which is this chunky for a couple of reasons: it gives extra durability and makes it super comfy to grab if you’re working a route.

The Alpha Clip on the rope end is held in place by a rubber keeper which does the job really well.  The clipping action of the Alpha Clip is where the  quickdraw really comes into its own; everything abut it has been designed to make clipping as easy as possible. The gate has a really extreme angle and unusual shape which, when combined with the kinked backbar, makes clipping a breeze.

While the Alpha Sport is a bit heavier than a lot of other quickdraws it makes up for it in durability and handling properties.

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