1-2-1 coaching launch

Every climber wants to get better and we believe that performance coaching is the best way to achieve this. Whether you’re working towards a specific goal, such as reaching a certain grade or you just want to develop your technique and fitness, you will benefit from our performance coaching.

Coaching in climbing is a teaching, training and development process through which an individual is supported and guided to achieve specific and personal goals.  Whatever discipline of climbing you’re interested in, if you have a desire to improve to achieve goals you will benefit from performance coaching.

At Boulders we have three coaches available.  Between them our three coaches have a wide spectrum of coaching, climbing, training and competition experiences, enabling them to offer coaching for beginners all the way through to competition climbers.

Whatever your personal goal might be our coaches can help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses and put a structured pathway in place to help you reach your target.

For more information on how to book one of our climbing coaches http://bouldersuk.com/climbing-centre/performance-coaching or speak to a member of our reception team in the centre or on 02920 484880
Sessions must be booked in full one hour slots only.  Sessions must be booked and are on a strictly first come first serve basis.