what does my child need for a competition


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Ok so you are about to head off to an up and coming climbing competition. Possibly this is an event at Boulders or maybe you are flying off to some far of World cup event actually the advice below would be pretty similar. I shall keep the info pretty basic and this is around helping parents to help their kids be prepared and have as stress free day as possible.



They obviously require all of their standard climbing equipment. Typically the most important piece of kit any climber owns would be their shoes. Shoes are a very personal piece of equipment and make up a large portion of our connection to the climbing wall. Equally our feet are unique to us so finding a shoe that you can trust and gives you a reliable grip and level of feedback is vital.

Imagine if your child arrives at a competition only to find they have left one of their shoes behind! This has happened more than you probably realise. And has no easy fix, normally it is to far to simply go home and have a quick search and buying a new pair (if the wall offers a shop facility) will not help their performance.

New shoes need breaking in, and as such are rarely suitable for competing in. Yes some shoes offer a more reliable and predictable performance straight out of the box but most will feel stiff and clunky compared to your normal pair and will require a session or two to really start to break in.

The next piece of equipment is dependant on the type of competition but assuming it will require route climbing a Harness is needed. A harness will not effect performance as much as shoes but to keep stress levels low and anxiety at a minimum having your own, with its familiar feel will certainly make a difference.

Chalk and a chalk bag will be needed for both route climbing and bouldering events. it is worth checking that the bag actually has some chalk in it! Personally i believe that loose chalk is far more effective than chalk balls and normally i will use a combination of both. Liquid chalk is an option but ultimately competition time is not when some one should be trying out something new.

Other climbing equipment such as a Rope and belay device are useful for warming up if the facility has room



Work in progress