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Welcome to our ever expanding catalogue of rock climbing gear guides! This section of our site will continue to expand until it contains everything you need to know about climbing equipment, but if there’s anything you want us to cover straight away just drop us a line!

Karabiners: Unlocked

In the wake of last week’s article on belay devices, the obvious choice for this week’s article is the humble karabiner. The karabiner is the single most used piece of climbing gear there is, with a huge number of variations, models and innovations separating each ‘biner from the next. A Super-Concise history of the Karabiner… [more]

The Beginners Guide to Belay Devices

Belay Devices Explained For most people, a belay device is the first piece of climbing hardware they buy. It’s one of only a few bits of gear that everyone who gets tied in to go climbing will need, but this doesn’t mean they’re all simple and do the same job- quite the opposite. In this… [more]

Downturned Climbing Shoes: Explained

People new to climbing often wonder why some climbing shoes are a funny shape and curve downwards at the toe. There’s a number of benefits to a downturned shoe, but also some drawbacks. In this article we’re going to outline some of the main ideas behind “aggressive” climbing shoes to help you decide if you’d… [more]

This time of year everyone is focused on training hard to hit the summer next year. But what are you training for? If it’s anything longer than one pitch the Petzl Reverso 3 (or 4 if your looking at saving grams) is a great bit of kit. So instead of spending the day looked in… [more]

Choosing the best fingerboard

When you first get into climbing, your natural abilities take you soaring through the grades like there’s no tomorrow. Most people find their natural limit after a few months of climbing a couple of times a week, and hit a grade-plateau. Pushing to the next grade from here usually means training hard, doing some climbing… [more]

Buying Climbing Shoes for Kids

We all know that children’s feet grow so fast that buying shoes for them can be a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, buying climbing shoes is made a little bit easier by some of the clever features that have been built in, to make sure the shoes are as durable as possible and can grow… [more]