Training Guides

How to clip whilst leading

From an article in Climbing magazine (US) this is a great read on how to clip. Learn to Climb: Clipping Basics for Sport Climbing LEARN TWO COMMON TECHNIQUES FOR CLIPPING ON LEAD MAX RITTER JUL 21, 2016 This story originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of our print edition. After you get comfortable toproping… [more]

The Scapular Pull-up

Written by Eric Hörst and found on his NICROS web site.  well worth a read   The Scapular Pull-up Shoulders are one of the most commonly injured body parts in climbing.  However, if you put in the time and use the correct exercises, most shoulder injuries are preventable.  Ultimately, one of the most overlooked exercises that… [more]

Choosing the best fingerboard

When you first get into climbing, your natural abilities take you soaring through the grades like there’s no tomorrow. Most people find their natural limit after a few months of climbing a couple of times a week, and hit a grade-plateau. Pushing to the next grade from here usually means training hard, doing some climbing… [more]

ARCHIVE 2013  – 121 Performance Coaching with Simon Rawlinson

Performance coaching in climbing is a teaching, training and development process through which an individual is supported and guided to achieve specific and personal goals. Whatever discipline of climbing you’re interested in if you have a desire to improve to achieve goals, you will benefit from performance coaching. At Boulders our Head Coach Simon Rawlinson… [more]

Footwork Drills, by Simon Rawlinson

Ok, so the Winter Crucible started this weekend and we have set a whole new load of blocs and the chief job of our route setters this month was to test your footwork skills! My job is to give you a bit of guidance as to what you can do next time you come down to help… [more]

Are your climbing shoes too tight?

Everyone has loads of questions about their bodies and climbing and all the associated bits that go along with it. So to help answer some of these questions we’ve teamed up with top physio, Thomas Bond, who over the next few months is going to attempt to explain some things about our bodies and climbing.… [more]