Project introduction

By joining The Project introduction climbing club at Boulders, you will work towards becoming a competent climber, which means climbing without adult supervision. Every week, you'll learn skills such as top roping, climbing knots and belaying. The clubs may be used as DofE logbook experience and you can even work through the NICAS levels to gain qualifications for your personal record of achievement..

Once you've got the basic skills, you can complete a Parental sign-off session.  On passing this you'll be able to climb without adult supervision and be ready to join in with The Project. Parental sign-off sessions run on the first Friday of every month at the same time as the Project introduction, give us a call to get booked onto this, a parent or guardian will need to attend the sign-off with you.

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£12 per person

As of 30th April, the cost of The Project Intro will be £15 per person


  • Booking is essential.
  • Those wishing to complete the NICAS syllabus much purchase the Logbook and folder in addition to the class cost
  • Equipment is included in the cost of the course, but children are welcome to bring and use their own
  • Parents and guardians can watch the climbing from the cafe
  • Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.