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If you have not climbed before, or aren’t sure what to do, tell us more about your age and experience to see what's available to you...

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  • I've just started

    These sessions are aimed at anyone taking their first steps into climbing. Mark your birthday with a climbing party or try the sport out with one of our tasters. Our expert instructors will take care of everything and all equipment is provided, all you need to do is bring yourself and a sense of adventure.

    I've just started

  • I know the basics

    You’re hooked and looking to start learning more about climbing. These courses are designed to take you from being a beginner to achieving Competent Climber status. Young children will have to wait until they’re 14 to achieve this, but there’s a lot to learn on our courses in the meantime.

    For adults, achieving this status means climbing and bouldering without an instructor’s supervision. You’ll even be able to sign in two novices, this means you’ll be able to bring your friends or children to Boulders.

    I know the basics

  • I've got some experience

    You’re already a Competent Climber and and just need to register with us to gain the status. Once registered you can use Boulders without supervision, sign-up for our more advanced courses, join in our events and competitions and even get on the real stuff with one of our recommended outdoor climbing partners.

    Boulders GOLD Membership is a great way to save money for anyone wanting to progress in climbing.

    I've got some experience


  • Under 7

    All our activities for under 7s revolve around Pebbles, our climbing adventure play area. Explore our soft-play area by clambering over cargo nets and through mouse holes or invite your friends to share the fun at a Pebbles Birthday Party.

    Under 7

  • Ages 7 to 13

    Once you’re 7 years old you’ll be able to join in with our climbing activities on the main walls. Our Pumas Climbing Club is a great first step for budding mountaineers and our Wild Cats Birthday Party is the perfect celebration for little monkeys!

    Ages 7 to 13

  • Ages 14 to 17

    As soon as you’re 14 you’ll be able to start working towards becoming a Competent Climber, this means climbing and bouldering without adult supervision. The Friday night Introduction to Project Club, guides you towards achieving this status.

    Those over 16 years old can gain Competent Lead Climber status – lead climbing without adult supervision.

    Ages 14 to 17

  • Over 18

    For adults the best place to start climbing is by joining an Adult Taster session. Our Introduction to Climbing course comes next, where on successful completion you’ll gain Competent Climber status and be able to climb at Boulders whenever you want without an instructor’s supervision. As a Competant Climber, all of our progressive activities and courses will open up for you such as our Techniques Coaching course and the Route Master.

    Over 18

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  1. Soft play in Pebbles

    Soft play in Pebbles


    Soft play in Pebbles for children aged 7 and below within Boulders. With plenty of cargo nets to clamber up and small holes to crawl through there are hours of fun to be had. Unlimited day play entrance for children is £4.20 weekdays /£4.50 weekends and it's free for adults.

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  2. Military and Emergency Services Membership

    Military and Emergency Services Membership


    If you're part of the Military or the Police, Fire or Ambulance service, climb at Boulders for only £6before 13:00!

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  3. kids activities

    kids activities

    kids activities at Boulders aren't just about charging around our soft play area, Pebbles. At Boulders we run all sorts of classes from drama to ballet that encourage kids to learn whilst they are having fun playing. There are plenty of kids classes through out the week, view our calender to see what's on.

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  4. Kids climbing classes

    Pumas climbing class


    Pumas climbing classes are a fun beginners introduction session for anyone aged 7 to 13. Taking your first steps on the kids climbing class will get you hooked on climbing. It's 80 minutes long, all equipment is provided and no experience is necessary.

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  5. Family climbing class

    Family climbing class


    Family climbing classes are a thrilling a 80-minute 'have a go' climbing session, ideal for beginners wanting to try something new. Family climbing classes are open to everyone from age 7 up. No experience is necessary and we'll provide all the equipment you need.

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  6. Holiday Activity Class

    Holiday activity class


    Holiday activity classes are a fun beginners introductory climbing session for anyone aged 7 to 17. Taking your first steps on a holiday activity class will get you hooked on climbing. It's 80 minutes long, all equipment is provided and no experience is necessary.

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  7. Project introduction

    Project introduction


    The Project Introduction for ages 14 - 21 is the place to start your climbing career! The Introduction takes place every Friday at 5pm and runs for an hour and a half. On it you'll learn the basics and work towards becoming a Competent Climber, which will mean climbing without adult supervision.

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  8. The Project parental sign-off

    The Project parental sign-off


    Are you over the age of 14 and ready to start climbing without an instructor? Then come down to a Project parental sign-off session!

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  9. The Project

    The Project


    The Project is a youth climbing club for 14 - 21-year-olds all about having fun and meeting new people! Come along and get involved whether you're already a mega climber, or just looking for a new way to spend your Friday evenings.

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  10. The Project learn to lead

    The Project learn to lead


    Are you aged between 14 and 21 and already cruising top-rope routes? Are you looking for the next challenge? Then, The Project learn to lead course is the thing for you!

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  11. climbing class for adults

    Adult Give It A Go Climbing Session


    Bored of the gym and looking for something new?

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  12. Climbing club

    Climbing club

    Climbing club is great for those who are stuck for a climbing partner. By coming along to one of our climbing club evenings you'll, hook up with more climbing partners and be able to share tips and advice.

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  13. Indoor climbing entrance

    Indoor climbing entrance

    Indoor climbing already? All you have to do is register as a competent climber before you can use Boulders. Once registered you’ll be able to use the centre’s indoor climbing walls on a pay as you go basis and you’ll then be able to sign-in and supervise up to two novices at a time.

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  14. Outdoor climbing

    Outdoor climbing

    Want to make the move out on to real rock? Boulders has selected a group of trusted and experienced local climbing providers to get you outside.

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  15. Yoga and fitness classes

    Yoga and fitness classes

    A great range of fitness and wellbeing classes to designed to help improve your climbing.

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