Student Climbing

Looking for a fun day out, want to try something new, or arrange something fun for your society or club? Then, get involved at Boulders with a student climbing class. For those wishing to take the next step and learn to climb should check out the student climbing course introduction.  If you're a student and already climbing, then just come down and enjoy the place! 

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  1. Performance Coaching

    Performance Coaching


    Coaching in climbing is a teaching, training and development process through which an individual is supported and guided to achieve specific and personal goals.

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  2. Indoor climbing entrance

    Indoor climbing entrance

    Indoor climbing already? All you have to do is register as a competent climber before you can use Boulders. Once registered you’ll be able to use the centre’s indoor climbing walls on a pay as you go basis and you’ll then be able to sign-in and supervise up to two novices at a time.

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  3. GOLD Membership

    GOLD Membership


    Boulders GOLD Membership not only gives you unlimited access to the climbing centre, you will also receive a number of other fantastic benefits!

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  4. Outdoor climbing

    Outdoor climbing

    Want to make the move out on to real rock? Boulders has selected a group of trusted and experienced local climbing providers to get you outside.

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  5. Yoga and fitness classes

    Yoga and fitness classes

    A great range of fitness and wellbeing classes to designed to help improve your climbing.

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