Climbing course introduction

Climbing course introductions are perfect for those that want to learn how to climb and get into the sport. No prior experience is necessary for this climbing course

Over four weeks on the climbing course we’ll guide you through three formally instructed sessions, each lasting two hours and one session of supervised climbing on one of our climbing clubs. That's one session per week, for four weeks, to become a fully fledged climbing super star! You’ll even hook up with loads of other climbers in the last week, so you know you’ll always have loads of people to climb with.

The six hours structured into the climbing course will pack in everything you need to know to register with Boulders as a competent climber and the final supervised climb with one of our climbing clubs will help you take your first steps under your own steam, but with the confidence and support of others.

Once you're a competent climber you'll be able to use Boulders whenever you want to and a whole range of progressive climbing courses and activities will open up to you!

If you have been a competent climber in the past, or have some experience climbing, you can book yourself on to the first week of an Intro course as a 'refresher course', to brush up on your basics.

Classes run 19:00-21:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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£80 per person

Private Climbing course introductions may be booked

  • Group of up to 3 people £240
  • Group of up to 6 people £540
  • FAQs

    • Booking is essential

    • The entrance to a Boulders climbing club must be used within two weeks of the third and final instructed session.
    Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.