Climbing for Kids

Climbing for kids at Boulders. Once your child is 7 years old, they’ll be able to join in with our climbing for kids activities on the main climbing walls. Our kids climbing class is a great first step for budding mountaineers and our climbing birthday parties are the perfect celebration for little monkeys!

Once your child has caught the climbing bug, they can progress by completing the children's climbing course. They'll then be able to join the Spider Monkeys climbing club and with more experience, the Geckos climbing club.

All of our climbing for kids clubs and courses fall in line with the academic school terms, breaking for holidays.

If you're a teacher or youth group leader and interested in climbing for kids, check out our school packages.

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  1. Climbing birthday parties

    Climbing birthday parties


    Climbing birthday parties are an adventurous celebration for children aged 7 to 13. We'll get them traversing, bouldering and climbing the walls for 80 minutes, before seating them in our cafe area to enjoy a birthday party meal.

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  2. Kids climbing classes

    Pumas climbing class


    Pumas climbing classes are a fun beginners introduction session for anyone aged 7 to 13. Taking your first steps on the kids climbing class will get you hooked on climbing. It's 80 minutes long, all equipment is provided and no experience is necessary.

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  3. Family climbing class

    Family climbing class


    Family climbing classes are a thrilling a 80-minute 'have a go' climbing session, ideal for beginners wanting to try something new. Family climbing classes are open to everyone from age 7 up. No experience is necessary and we'll provide all the equipment you need.

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  4. Children's climbing course

    Pumas Climbing Club


    The 'Pumas' Climbing club runs for half an academic term and develops a young beginner's Agility, Balance, and Coordination . The club starts after every school holiday and half term.

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  5. Outdoor climbing

    Outdoor climbing

    Want to make the move out on to real rock? Boulders has selected a group of trusted and experienced local climbing providers to get you outside.

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