GOLD Membership

Climb more with Boulders. Sign-up for Boulders GOLD Membership, pay for a month at a time to climb whenever you like and cancel when you want to. You have control, there's no cancellation fee.

GOLD benefits include 50% off Boulders' indoor courses - including kids' holiday activities and weekly clubs and 10% off in the Boulders on site shop. There are some fantastic deals for students, families and hero helpers! 

Boulders is Cardiff's leading climbing centre. From beginner to seasoned pro, we are the friendliest place to train hard, or for sociable exercise.

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Standard adult £42.00 per month, £10 sign up fee applies. See below for a full breakdown of prices and discounts available. There is a £10 sign up fee when signing up but you will receive a £10 gift voucher that can be redeemed in our onsite shop when spending £40 or more.


Q. Why do I have to pay a £10 sign up fee?
A. Our sign up fee is in place to cover the admin costs of setting you up as a GOLD member. We do not have a minimum term contract, or charge for suspension or cancellation of membership, so all this is taken into account in the initial charge.

Q. I haven’t been using Boulders much recently, can I have a refund?
A. Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds on GOLD membership. There is no minimum contact so you’re free to cancel your membership whenever you want.

Q. Is it possible to suspend my membership?
We don’t offer suspensions of the GOLD membership. If you would like to stop your membership for any reason, including injury or going away, you will need to cancel your direct debit with your bank and email us at to confirm. This will cancel your GOLD membership (there is no cancellation fee). When you would like to restart your membership, just come into the centre and sign up again.

Q. How do I cancel my GOLD membership?
A. You are in control of your GOLD membership and can cancel it whenever you like, without a cancellation fee. To cancel your GOLD membership, all you have to do is cancel your direct debit with your bank and send an email to confirming that you are cancelling your membership. As you are in control of your own membership, it is up to you to confirm with the bank that your direct debit has been properly cancelled.

Q. I used to be a GOLD member and would like to sign up again; do I still have to pay the sign up fee?
A. Yes, every new membership is subject to our sign up fee as we do not charge for suspensions or cancellations or have a minimum term contract.

Q. Can I pay my direct debit from a foreign bank account?
A. Unfortunately we can only take payments from UK bank accounts.

Q. Is there any benefit to signing up as a couple?
A. If you sign up more than one family member at the same time, and using the same bank account, you’ll only pay one sign up fee.

Q. I want to bring my child climbing, would I be better to get individual or family membership?
A. Our family membership is designed for 3 or more people, however if you sign up more than one family member at the same time, using the same bank account, you’ll only pay one sign up fee.

Q. Part of the centre is closed today, do I get a refund or reduction?
A. As we are committed to providing great routes and to building our climbing community we sometimes close areas for maintenance, route setting, events or competitions, the price of your membership has taken into account that this happens periodically as a part of Boulders' operation. We always try to make sure you are informed of this in advance.

Membership typeNormal price (per calender month)
Standard Adult £42.00
Standard U18  £35 
(To qualify for student rates you must be in full time education and posses appropriate photo ID.  Expired ID or ID without dates will not be accepted.)
Hero Helpers (MOD/NHS/Fire/Police/Mountain Rescue) £35
Family GOLD Membership
(1 adult + 2 children/2 adults + 1 child minimum, 2 adults per membership maximum)
Additional Family GOLD Membership (U18 or adult) £20 (per additional person)
Bolt On Options 
Unlimited personal equipment hire £8.00
Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.