Pumas Climbing Club

The 'Pumas' Climbing Club is a child's first steps into the climbing world, where beginners from the ages of 7-10 are taught about the importance of proper exercise and are introduced to the wonderful world of climbing. The main focus of the club is to experience fun through climbing, and children's Agility, Balance, and Coordination are developed. Children will be able to join the Spider Monkey's climbing club once they are 10 years old, when they will begin following the NICAS syllabus.

The Pumas Climbing club lessons run for 60 minutes at 10am on Saturdays or Sundays and start after every school holiday and half term, following the academic year. Each club lasts the length of half an academic term.

Some children are in the club for one term, and others for three or four. It doesn't matter how long; it's all about having fun and being safe!

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£65 per person per course.


  • Equipment is included in the cost of the Pumas Climbing Club, but everyone is welcome to bring and use their own.
  • Parents and guardians can watch the climbing from the cafe.
Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.