Soft Play for under 7s

Soft play is what Pebbles is all about. All our activities for under 7s revolve around Pebbles, our climbing adventure soft play area.

In Pebbles, children play and discover fundamental skills for all sports, but especially climbing. Through exploring the twists, turns, ups and downs, they will learn agility, balance and co-ordination. Great skills that are completely transferable to all sports.

Children will have a blast playing in Pebbles; it's full of ups and downs, overs and unders, twists and turns, climbing and sliding. In fact, there's a whole assortment of obstacles and challenges to encourage children to explore and play in a safe environment. Come down and try squeezing through the mouse hole, before negotiating the mirror chicanes. Once you're through these, you'll have to work out how to get to the top level and there's two climbing options.  Both take you through small holes in cargo nets that little hands will become expert in tackling.

The bottom floor of Pebbles soft play area is for the younger kids with more gentile obstacles and games to play painted onto the walls.

The Pebbles soft play, Cardiff is within Boulders and safely sectioned off from the rest of the climbing centre.

Don't forget we have an on site cafe that has child friendly menu options, so parents are able to sit and relax while the little ones tear around the soft play area. The cafe serves hot and cold food and drinks.  The seating area in Pebbles has been specially designed so that everything faces the soft play area, which means you'll get a great view of the kids playing whilst you take time out to relax.  The cafe area around the soft pay in Cardiff, also boosts super fast free WiFi and three pin plugs under the seats.  Great for working mum or dads that need a little time, while their little ones are distracted in the soft play area.

Want to see a bit more of Pebbles? Take a look at the little photo tour to get a better understanding.

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  1. Soft play in Pebbles

    Soft play in Pebbles


    Soft play in Pebbles for children aged 7 and below within Boulders. With plenty of cargo nets to clamber up and small holes to crawl through there are hours of fun to be had. Unlimited day play entrance for children is £4.20 weekdays /£4.50 weekends and it's free for adults.

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  2. Soft Play birthday parties at Pebbles

    Soft Play birthday parties at Pebbles


    Soft play birthday parties at Pebbles are for children aged 7 and under and include 75 minutes of soft play, followed by a yummy party meal in our birthday room.

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  3. kids activities

    kids activities

    kids activities at Boulders aren't just about charging around our soft play area, Pebbles. At Boulders we run all sorts of classes from drama to ballet that encourage kids to learn whilst they are having fun playing. There are plenty of kids classes through out the week, view our calender to see what's on.

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