The Winter Crucible Rd 2


The Crucible Blurb and Guidance

The Crucible is Boulders bouldering competition that runs twice a year during the summer and winter. It is a fun, competitive bouldering series that shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

There are 6 rounds, each one runs for nine days, so there’s plenty of opportunity to attempt the 30 blocs. The competition is self-scored and the final takes place after the last round.

Competitors of all ages and abilities are welcome to compete; whether you’re a V14 climbing beast, or new to the sport, each round is designed with you in mind. The categories are: adult male, adult female, junior male and junior female.

The grand final will take place on the 5th April and to qualify you’ll have to take part in a minimum of four rounds. Vouchers from the Boulders online shop are up for grabs and the prizes aren’t limited to series winners, there’ll be fun random spot prizes and recognition of those who have improved throughout the rounds.

It doesn’t cost a penny to enter, just your normal entrance fee. You just need to pay your entry to the climbing centre, there’s no additional charge for taking part.

Crucible Winter 2013/14

Round 1 – 12 – 20 October
Round 2 – 9 – 17 November
Round 3 – 7th – 15 December
Round 4 – 11th – 19th January
Round 5 – 8th – 16th February
Round 6 – 8th – 16th March
Final Saturday 5th April

Information about The Crucible final: There will be two categories: Those who finish with the top scores of The Crucible qualify for the ‘elite’ category and everyone else is able to enter the ‘open’ category. You must take part in at least four rounds of the winter series to be able to qualify for the grand final.

There will also be 10 £5 Boulders online shop vouchers up for grabs on the day of the grand final, including a family prize (highest score as a family), most improved (most improved over the three rounds), a taking part award and a whole host of other random prizes on the day.]

Get training and we hope to see you there!

Winter Crucible Prize pool

Category/ Position  1st 2nd 3rd
Elite Male £100 £50 £25
Elite Female £100 £50 £25
Junior Male £50 £25 £10
Junior Female £50 £25 £10
Category/ Position (on the day entry acceptable) 1st
Open Male £25
Open Female £25
Youth Open U15 £25

Vouchers will expire 3 months from date of the final.