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Route Master Blurb and Guidance

The Route Master is Boulders’ route competition series. It’s a bit of fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It runs twice a year during the summer and winter.

The competition includes top roping for the lower grades, building up to more difficult routes that must be led. Competitors of all ages and abilities are welcome to compete; there should be routes for everyone from ‘have a go’, all the way up to ‘nails’.

Each round will be open for nine days and will open the weekend after The Crucible bouldering competition round for the same month finishes. The competition will be self-scored and each month there will be six routes in total numbered 1 to 6. The route grades will gradually get more difficult as the route number ascends and will be approximately;

  • 1: 3 to 4
  • 2: 5 to 5+
  • 3: 6a – 6a+
  • 4: 6b to 6b+
  • 5: 6c – 7a
  • 6: 7b or higher

Routes 1 to 4 will be top rope and routes 5 and 6 will be lead climbs.

There will be six rounds over the winter with a grand final planned at the end.  To qualify you’ll have to take part in a minimum of two rounds. Vouchers from the Boulders online shop are up for grabs and the prizes aren’t limited to just the strongest climbers, as there will be fun random spot prizes, including recognition of those who have improved through the rounds.

It doesn’t cost a penny to enter, just your normal entrance fee. You just need to pay your entry to the climbing centre, there’s no additional charge for taking part.

Summer Route Master dates:

Route Master Winter 2013/14
Round 1 – 26 October – 3rd November
Round 2 – 23 November – 1st December
Round 3 – 21 December – 5th January
Round 4 – 25th  January 2nd February
Round 5 – 22nd February – 2nd March
Round 6 – 22nd – 30th March
Final Saturday 26th April

Information about The Route Master grand final: There will be two categories: Those who finish with the top scores of the Route Master qualify for the ‘elite’ category and everyone else is able to enter the ‘open’ category. You must take part in at least two rounds of the summer series to be able to qualify for the grand final.

Winter Route Master Prize pool

Category/ Position  1st 2nd 3rd
Elite Male £100 £50 £25
Elite Female £100 £50 £25
Junior Male £50 £25 £10
Junior Female £50 £25 £10
Category/ Position (on the day entry acceptable) 1st
Open Male £25
Open Female £25
Youth Open U15 £25

Vouchers will expire 3 months from date of the final.