Charity Abseil

There are many fun ways to raise money for charity, but why not try a unique and exciting one that is bound to get people talking? Boulders has the manpower and the equipment to organise a charity abseil in either an urban environment or in a natural area. Fancy abseiling down the front of your office building or school for charity? Boulders could make it happen! We can provide all the equipment necessary as well as sponsorship forms and publicity on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and our quarterly newsletter. A fantastic and community-invoking way to raise money, this event would hopefully help you reach your desired fundraising target.

A pre event consultation and site visit from a fully qualified instructor is necessary to determine the logistics of the abseil as not every location is suitable due to access and insurance. However, we will try our hardest to help you create the event you want.

You will require an MIA qualified instructor and his assistant, which will cost £500. Additional costs may also apply depending on your location and our preliminary visit.

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