Coaching scheme

Coaching Scheme training. If you have an interest in helping others develop their climbing skills then learning to become a climbing coach through the Mountain Training's coaching scheme could be for you. All their coaching scheme awards are run at Boulders and will help set you on the path to delivering good quality coaching whatever your discipline in climbing.

The MT's coaching cheme is broken down into 3 stages;

  1. Foundation Coach
  2. Development Coach Training
  3. Development Coach Assesment

Currently only the Foundation Coach and Development Coach Training are being delievred in the UK.

The Foundation Coach

The Foundation Coach Award is designed to enable coaches to be more effective in coaching the delivery of the fundamental movement skills of climbing. Foundation Coaches will usually be concerned with the stimulating delivery of a single session to a group of individuals. They will often be assisting a Development Coach who will set the learning outcomes for the session, as part of a longer term progression, course, or scheme.

To join Foundation Coach Training course at Boulders you will need:

Before attempting the Foundation Coach Assessment you will need:

Development Coach Award

Ideal for independent autonomous coaches who will prepare for, and deliver a structured progression in ‘Climber Centred Coaching’ over a series of coaching sessions.

The skills of the Foundation Coach will be developed to a more sophisticated level, to match their delivery to the needs of developing climbers within a group. Often working with Foundation Coaches, the Development Coach will take a mentoring role, and lead in the review process to promote reflective coaching practice.

To join a Development Coach Training Course at Boulders you will need:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have at least 12 months of personal climbing experience.
  • Hold the Coaching Foundations Award or have equiviliant accredited prior learning.
  • To have registered with the MT on the Coaching award Scheme.

Before attempting Development Coach Assesment you will need:

  • Attend a BMC/MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing 2 workshop
  • It is strongly recommended that you attend a FUNdamentals Physical Training for Climbing workshop
  • Attend a Coaching Development Training Course
  • Complete your coaching log-book (This will be provided by the MT when you register on their scheme).
  • Prepare a series of progressive lesson plans & coaching case studies
  • Complete the "Home Paper" (this will be provided on the Development Coach Training course)

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Foundation Coach Training and assessment.

£65 Foundation Coach training, one day training course.

£TBC Foundation Coach, 1 hour assessment

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Development Coach training and assessment.

£120 Development Coach training, two day training course.

£TBC Development Coach assessment, 1 hour assessment.


  • The Foundation Coach training runs over a single day from 10am to 4pm
  • The Development Coach training course runs over two days from 10am to 4pm
  • We regularly run these courses, get in touch to find out about the next course dates
  • Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.