Mobile Wall Fundraising

The options for fundraising for the mobile wall are endless. We can transport the wall to any address within the UK (provided there is access for it, of course), where it could be an attraction at a fundraising event, where the customer is charged ‘per go’. 100% of this customer charge would go to you, the organiser. Another option could be a sponsored ‘Climb the Height of...’ event where a group is sponsored to reach an overall height using teamwork. We provide all the equipment needed! Another popular option is a ‘Speed Climbing Competition’, where everyone is timed trying to get to the top of the wall as fast as they can! We can provide a leader board for you to see where you placed amongst your friends and colleagues and we’ll also donate a prize for the overall winner!

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Booking a mobile wall for a charity event is £300 ex VAT for a weekday, and £500 ex VAT on the weekend.

Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.