NEETs – We normally start your group off with an initial taster session to give them a feel for climbing, before moving onto a six week learn to climb course where we start teaching the young people the basics.

The sessions for NEETs aim to improve communication and team work as well as building the confidence of individuals by engaging them in a practical and challenging environment. We take them out of their comfort zone and add an element of excitement, which fuels their enthusiasm and willingness to participate!

We can also run sessions for NEETs using a mix of the following activities, which can be used as an incentive to reward positive behaviours.

  • Team building tasks - Divided into teams and tasked with a challenge, group members will have to work together, communicate and problem solve to complete the tasks against the clock.
  • Climbing - A great approach to try out climbing, abseiling and belaying – rewarding and a great trust builder.
  • Bouldering and low level traversing - Really easy to get into and perfect for those worried about heights. You’ll play some great, fun games that are rewarding and brilliant for the younger kids!

Boulders climbing centre has become an integral component in the engagement strand of various projects run by Newport City Council. It is a chance to build confidence levels for all of the students and for them to realise that they have more potential than they may believe. It is an opportunity for the students to learn actively that teamwork is fundamental to the successful completion of tasks that they may encounter in employment or in everyday life. The young people that engage with the NEET project often have issues with trust as well as large barriers which an activity such as climbing has been proven to break down significantly.
Martin Griffiths, Economic Inactivity Worker, Newport City Council's NEET Project

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Off Peak (sessions finishing by 5pm Mon-Fri during term time): £45 per instructor per hour.

Ratio of instructor to climber is 1:8

Peak (sessions finishing after 5pm Mon-Fri during term time, anytime during school holidays or anytime during the weekend): £65 per instructor per hour.

A meal deal may be included at £6 per head and consists of a panini or sandwich, crisps or chocolate and a drink.


Booking is essential

Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.