Onsite Fundraising

Another fantastic option is to hold your charity event with Boulders centre as your venue. Our centre has a wide and active community of climbers and families, and has the capacity to host your event in a large and friendly environment. We can organise a ‘Climb the height of...’ fundraiser where your group is sponsored to reach a predetermined height such as ‘the top of Empire State Building’ (443m) or ‘Everest Base Camp’ (5,364m). Our walls are approx 10m high, so using teamwork you work together towards reaching your goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced climber or a compete novice; Boulders can help you tailor your event to include everybody. People with disabilities are also able to participate.

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Price is £45 per instructor per hour per 8 climbers for sessions ending before 5pm. For sessions finishing after 5pm or on the weekend, the price is £65. This price only applies if you need to be supervised by an instructor. If you are already a competent climber your only fee would be the £8.50 entrance fee.

Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.