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Staff Social Packages at Boulders - If you fancy doing something different this year, Boulders is the perfect way to have a laugh, let off a little steam, and try something exciting with your colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular climber or a complete beginner, everybody is able to enjoy a rewarding session at Boulders, and our Staff Social packages are designed to make sure everyone is able to participate and have a good time. We tailor the session to suit every one of your requirements to ensure that you have the experience you both want and deserve.

Our Staff Social packages are 1 and a half hours long. During this time, your group will be climbing, belaying, abseiling, traversing, leaping, and working as a team. 

Please have a look at the example timetable below to give yourself an idea of how the sessions are run. (These timings and structures are just a guideline and can be changed to suit your needs.)




Arrival and document administration


Ice breaker team task - Eagles Nest

You are a group of biologists trekking through a forest, who have come across an eagle’s egg that has fallen from the nest.  Remarkably it is still intact!  Your sense of duty compels you to return the egg to the nest.  Unfortunately the nest is above a bottomless pit – you must work out a way to get the egg back to the nest.

Especially good for developing and highlighting:

Problem solving

Team coordination



1 hour climbing taster session

The climbing taster will get the group climbing, abseiling and belaying.  We can also blind fold those climbing so those on the ground have to communicate to guide their colleague to the top.


Just wanted to say that we all had an amazing night last night! The guys who looked after us were great and extremely encouraging!! I definitely want to try it again.
Rachel Tofts, Account Manager, Global Radio

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Price is £15 (in. VAT) per head. Must purchase minimum of 8 spaces per group (eg. for 5 people, total cost would be £120).

Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.