Structured Climbing Classes

Structured climbing classes – We can provide regular climbing lessons that will teach your pupils the basics of climbing as well as working on skills such as communication, movement, team work and balance, which are transferrable to other sports too! We can tie-in with your school activities syllabus, or start the group on the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) level 1. For those choosing the NICAS for their school activities, the pupils will work through logbooks which are great for tracking their progress and giving them a sense of achievement on completing various skills.

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Off Peak (sessions finishing by 5pm Mon-Fri during term time): £45 per instructor per hour.

Ratio of instructor to climber is 1:8

Peak (sessions finishing after 5pm Mon-Fri during term time, anytime during school holidays or anytime during the weekend): £65 per instructor per hour.

A meal deal may be included at £6 per head and consists of a panini or sandwich, crisps or chocolate and a drink.

NICAS logbooks may be purchased to accompany the course.

  • Level 1 and 2 logbook: £5.00
  • Level 3 to 5 logbook: £8.00

Boulders standard terms and conditions apply.