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Training companies - Boulders has a proven track record of working alongside training companies to enhance the delivery of their syllabus. We don’t try to deliver the training ourselves, we let the experts do that; we just reinforce their syllabus with particular development opportunities.

We specialise in providing development facilities for organisations, training providers and recruiters, focusing on generating the crucial evidence of training objective attainment.

To ensure absolute relevance to your workplace issues, Boulders invests time getting to know the training companies’ culture, operation, sector and development objectives. We then map our activities against your training objectives to help enhance them.

We use a mix of the following exercises, tailoring each to fit your programme specifically...

  • Team building tasks – Your group will be split in to teams of 8 and given a scenario with a problem that needs to be solved within an allotted time frame.  Staff will need to identify their roles within the task quickly whether it be taking the lead or facilitating the leader and work together as one unit, communicating effectively to come up with and implement a solution.

  • Individual challenge – Our individual challenge 'the Leap of Faith' will push your staff to their limits and beyond, getting them out of their comfort zones and on completion, giving them a great sense of achievement.  This is fantastic for helping the team to bond as they encourage and support their colleague who is preparing to jump from 8 metres high.

  • Climbing – The climbing section of your team event will get the group climbing, abseiling and belaying.  Staff will be involved every step of the way so if you're not climbing you're belaying your colleague, which makes this such an excellent trust builder!

  • Bouldering and low level traversing – If your team are a bit nervous about venturing in to the world of climbing or aren't as keen on heights, the bouldering and traverse areas are a great place to start.  They will get your staff climbing at low levels to begin with, incorporating some team building tasks to build up confidence before moving on to height based activities.


A fantastic day. All of the activities were really effective in establishing the relevant competencies desired and true learning was certainly evident by the end of the day.
Cath James, Management Development Consultant, 4Ward Development

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