Essentially this is the basis from which all my coaching is based. Helping young athletes reach their true potential and enjoy life long participation in sport. Click the picture for full info – they say it better!

WORK IN PROGRESS   So academy has finished for the summer, and in previous years we have all seen this as a holiday. And first and foremost for the majority of young climbers it is, and should predominantly remain so. But with that being said there is certainly a lot that can be done to… [more]

  Work in Progress Ok so you are about to head off to an up and coming climbing competition. Possibly this is an event at Boulders or maybe you are flying off to some far of World cup event actually the advice below would be pretty similar. I shall keep the info pretty basic and… [more]

  News from BMC Website about this years YCS The Youth Climbing Series (YCS) for 2016 finished at the end of April in an exciting national final. After the event the area youth co-ordinators from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, gathered to discuss the series and plan the 2017 YCS. Dates for the 2017 YCS… [more]

Only just started working on this page so most is unfinished at present, if you can think of any more useful things you would like info on let me know. The nutrition one is done! And please check out LTAD its important for all!

Nutritional advice

  Click picture above for nutritional Profiling tool. This will give guidance on whether your child is getting all the elements they need from there diet. This is something you can do at home over the period of a week. you will need the link below as a reference tool .