The Boulders School Inspire Programme started in 2017 with great success! We gave over a dozen assemblies and inspired over a thousand pupils (and quite a few teachers too!)


A Boulders Inspire assembly involves one of our enthusiastic and experienced adventurers
giving a 15 minute talk at your school about their climbing acheivments, dreams, failures and the growth mind-set.

The aim is to inspire your students to reach their goals whilst getting active through an alternative sport with a welcoming and supportive community. Boulders Inspire talks also link with areas identified in the Donaldson report, as well as the SEAL programme.

Here's some of our favourites:

  • Each staff member receives a flyer that enables them to attend an 80 minute Give It A Go session at Boulders free of charge.
  • All children receive a flyer to attend a free climbing session (for over 7s) or one entry to Pebbles (for under 7s) at Boulders.
  • All parents get a complimentary coffee or tea when they bring their children for the free session.
  • Our adventurer will visit the classrooms after their talk to answer any questions the students have and talk to them in smaller groups.

FREE - Subject to availability

If any of your group take an interest in climbing we have a number of opportunities for all of your
members to further develop their skills within our climbing community.