The Squad

Boulders Climbing Squads are our unique way of investing in talented young climbers that could be the superstars of the future. Running throughout the academic term, the various squads will meet for training and coaching sessions. The focus is purely on competition sport climbing and bouldering, with the main target of the year being success at the British Mountaineering Council’s Youth Climbing Series. and BMC Youth Open Events.

Being a member of the Squad is a big commitment and only for those wanting to push themselves competitively. Throughout each academic term the young climbers meet for supervised training sessions. During these sessions young climbers will be pushed hard, coached, and shown ways to structure their training, improve their technique, their tactics and their overall performance.

Our Squads are split into three distinct groups based on the needs of young climbers as the move up through out development pathway. Each Squad has its own ethos and aims, which are all targeted to helping the individual become the best they can be.