Give It A Go

: Climbing

Our ‘Give It a Go’ Climbing Class can either be the first step on your climbing journey, or just a fun, action packed new activity to try. It is an 80 minute class for £15 per person, running Tuesday-Thursdays at 18:30.

Give it a Go

: Bouldering

Our 'Give it a Go' Bouldering Class will show you how to use the bouldering areas safely. At the end you will be competent enough to come bouldering by yourself. It's an 80 minute class for £15 per person, running Monday - Thursday at 18:30 or 20:00!

Learn to Climb

Go from beginner to competent climber within a month for £60. The course includes 3x climbing sessions and 1x bouldering session and can start on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

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