With over 120 lines of roped climbing, a massive 4.5 metre high bouldering space that boasts up to 100 problems at any time, a full on training area and a proper coffee machine, we think we've got it dialled.


Our roped climbing walls are up to 12m high, ranging from pleasant slabs for taking it easy, warming up or getting balancey on, through to sustained vertical walls and pumpfest overhangs to satisfy your lactic acid addiction. 

We colour code our routes using a colour-blindness friendly system that aims to keep them distinguishable for everyone. 

There's a good mix of top-rope and lead lines, with a dedicated top-rope bay which is perfect for honing your skills. We also have 4 autobelays as well as a dedicated speed autobelay

We have over 120 lines of indoor climbing, covering over 2,000 square meters of climbing surface and reaching heights of 12m. We try to ensure there are at least 3 routes per line on every line, so at capacity our maximum number of routes will exceed 360.

We like to keep mixing it up too, with constant route setting that aims to have at least 50 new routes up per month.

Occasionally, our large swinging volumes will come out and we’ll set some nasty endurance-fest through the arches- we even have the odd dry tooling session!


Our ever-expanding bouldering area now comprises of the 4.5m high main room, The Arc top-out boulder, a 3m high vertical warm-up/beginners wall, a huge horizontal cave (complete with massive headwall) and a 45° woodie. 

We use a colour coded grading system, with blocs using the same colour holds all falling within a couple of V grades of each other. With problems from V. easy to V10 there's enough to keep anyone busy. 

In the last couple of years we've listened to feedback and chamfered any aretes and filled in any right-angled corners and our bouldering area is now a totally unique place to pull on.


The Cafe

Our café is at the centre of what we do. With free wifi and great coffee, it’s a great place to hang out, chat to fellow climbers and plan your next adventure. Whether you’re here to climb or not, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (and they’re always glad you came).

We have a large selection of cakes, teas, and coffees if you're just looking for a quick sugar and caffeine boost. However we also have a delicious choice of fresh sandwiches, paninis, and Pizzas if you're looking for something more substantial.

We've expanded our menu to include a dedicated children's menu as well as vegan and vegetarian options. We can also cater for most food intolerances.

The Shop

We won’t beat around the bush: a small shop like ours here at Boulders isn’t going to be able to compete on price with the big online retailers. If you know what you need and find it somewhere else then who are we to stand in your way?

Where we do come up trumps is with our knowledge and customer service. Our team have decades of experience between them, and know that the right pair of climbing shoes can be the difference between a great adventure and a wasted day.

Training Area

In recent years we've focused on developing and expanding our training area.

Endurance wall – Develop your anaerobic endurance and stamina linking together 60+ moves in one circuit. There are always at least 2 circuits to chose from and they get progressively harder with plenty of ways to link loops between the two.  It is an excellent training tool to improve your overall climbing fitness for sports, boulderers and trad climbers alike.

Campus board – Designed to improve explosive power and contract strength in the fingers and arms. A good supplement to a work out once you have gained a solid foundation of straight through bouldering and routes.  We recommend you should be pretty comfortable on at least 6B before you get serious on the Campus board.

Woody - The classic! We now have a 40 degree woody at the heart of our training area. We also have a 'Board Bible' where you can create your own route and try routes made by others!

Finger boards – What training area would be complete without a legendary ‘beastmaker’ finger board?  We have both sizes, plus the enormous Fender from Beacon, as well as both open and closed hand pull up bars.

Rock & Gym Rings – Rock and gymnastic rings are ideal for training body tension and core strength as well as contact strength and general upper body strength.  Their suspension allows them to move freely thus relieving the stress on your joints and reducing your susceptibility to injury.