External Instructor Entries

If you have already passed the assessment for the CWI, RCI, MIA, MIC or hold a Guiding Ticket, you are able to register with Boulders as an external climbing instructor. This will enable you to bring a group of up to nine individuals to climb at Boulders under your supervision.

To register with Boulders as an external climbing instructor we will need to see some documents prior to your first group's visit. The original documents must be provided:

  • Appropriate valid first aid qualification.

  • In date insurance to instruct indoor climbing activities.

  • Your qualification certificate.

We do accept the military equivalents.

Further guidance on the suitability of any qualification may be sought from the Mountain Leader Training Board (UK).

Once we have these documents, we just need to go through a quick induction of the centre with you and then you will be free to bring your group down without booking. Please remember to book the induction with us in advance, as there are a limited amount of staff that can deliver them, who may not be available on the day if you turn up.


  1. Off Peak entry for groups of 4 or more clients: £6.00 per client

  2. Peak entry for groups of 4 or more clients: £6.50

  3. Entry for groups of 3 or less clients: £8.00**

There is no entry price for the External Instructor.

*Peak time for external instructors is after 17:00 on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Off peak time is weekdays before 17:00.

**If your client is a GOLD member at Boulders then they may gain entry for £4.00