Boulders is a fully inclusive organisation and we can adapt sessions to accommodate the needs of individuals or groups with disabilities. One of our five key values is the belief that climbing is for everyone! We will always provide a friendly welcome and endeavour to make every individual a part of our community.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for on this page – don’t worry! Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Organisations and Schools


We regularly welcome groups with disabled participants to Boulders and are trying to get more young people to try climbing. There are no limits to being able to take part – in the past we have welcomed autistic climbers, blind climbers, deaf climbers, and lots more people who might have thought climbing was not for them!

These sessions generally run on a ratio of 1 instructor to every 6 climbers or 1:8 depending on the organisation’s preference (some organisations prefer much smaller ratios such as 1:2 and 1:3 which is also possible). These are hourly sessions that can be a fun introduction to the activity. We get the group harnessed up and begin to climb on our beginner’s walls. The pace of the session is dictated by the group – if everyone is enjoying the beginner’s walls we can keep climbing on them for the session, or if people are itching to try some of the tougher walls we can try them too! The sessions are very active and engaging.

£45 per instructor per hour



Wheelchair Users

Our hoist sessions are for wheelchair users or people who use crutches or walking frames who want to experience the thrill of climbing. The climber is harnessed up in a seated position in a full body harness, and hoisted by a Boulders instructor. Depending on the climber’s mobility, either they are hoisted up the wall entirely or they can grab on to the climbing holds and pull themselves up with the instructor’s support. We only have one hoist that can be operated with one person at a time, but this can be alongside a group that is climbing.


£45 per instructor per hour